The HR Brief Human Resources Management works with your Directors and Managers in two particular ways:

Maximising your Company’s Human Resource
Employment Law and Data Protection Compliance

Maximising Your Company’s Human Resource

Are your staff working to their best and optimal potential? Would you like to enhance their productivity and maximise their cost effectiveness? Are you considering growth and development or consolidation and maximisation of your company’s potential perhaps?

Your staff are your greatest asset – maximising your human resource is the way to increased productivity and prosperity.

The HR Brief Limited provides a service which works with Directors and Management to implement strategic planning for growth, development and consolidation, maximising profitability in this changing and competitive workplace.

Our strategic planning looks at your current staffing competencies, matching these to the needs of your business, identifying training or recruitment needs, examining the benefits and cost-effectiveness of outsourcing, tailored staffing and training.

We conduct staff appraisal and performance programmes, set output standards in conjunction with management, provide support for the implementation of those standards including bonus and incentive management and disciplinary management.

We work with your managers providing offline supervision and mentoring, encouraging and fostering their management skill. We also work with management investigating complaints, managing workplace morale, ensuring against bullying and harassment in the workplace, fostering communication between management and staff.

We also support targeted change management. If your company is changing and you have obligations to comply with Transfer of Undertakings or need to make Redundancies we will work with you to ensure you minimise your exposure to litigation and comply fully and cost-effectively with your obligations.

Employment Law and Data Protection Compliance

In a more challenging working environment employment law litigation has trebled leaving small businesses facing fines and compliance orders which are unnecessary and avoidable. Don’t Leave Your Company Exposed.

The HR Brief provides a Human Resources Audit service which ensures your company’s compliance with all aspects of employment legislation. We assess your current procedures and documentation, update and modify these where necessary, establish any areas of non-compliance and implement compliance. Throughout this process we work with your staff to ensure their understanding of the legislation and its application.

We specifically provide the following documentation including training in their use and application:

  • Statements of Terms and Conditions of Employment – provisions under the Information Act
  • Compliance with the conditions of Organisation of Working Time Act – statutory leave, overtime, breaks, sick leave etc.
  • Payment of Wages – provisions within this for categories of employees (young persons, Sunday time, overtime)
  • Grievance and Disciplinary policies and procedures
  • Employment Equality
  • Record Keeping/Documentary Evidence

The HR Brief Ltd provides a comprehensive service providing definitive industry-specific Human Resources Policy & Documentation Handbook’ a practical, comprehensive ready reference providing employers with instant HR policies, practices, procedures and documentation. It includes comprehensive policies relating to:

  • Employment Contract templates (permanent & temporary)
  • Disciplinary Code & Procedure
  • Grievance Procedure
  • Employment Equality Act Compliance
  • Health and Safety
  • Bullying Policy and Compliance
  • Recruitment & Selection Process, including interview techniques
  • Establishing Workplace Forums
  • Monitoring and minimising Absenteeism
  • Managing Employee Performance
  • Company Internet & e-mail Usage policy
  • GDPR and Data Compliance with all of your employees

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