In our experience Managers are trained for Management but not necessarily Industrial Relations, this can have the potential to undermine Management and the Strategic Plan of any company when the need for increased competitiveness and market share means having to renegotiate your staff’s terms and conditions.

Good Industrial Relations goes hand in hand with good management and profitability. Excellent Industrial Relations is about skilled negotiation, understanding the boundaries and roles of all parties and achieving the objectives of the management through competent mediation.

The HR Brief provides a comprehensive private mediation and negotiation service in respect of the resolution of all labour disputes, implementation of change management and strategic planning. We also provide and facilitate staff forums and information meetings to comply with all employer obligations under the Transfer of Undertakings and Agency Workers Act obligations in particular.The HR Brief has provided consultancy services in the field of industrial relations for almost 25 years with a comprehensive range of industrial relations consulting services and support, including but not limited to:

  • Trade union disputes resolution and negotiation
  • Disciplinary & dismissal procedures
  • Construction Industry and Disputes Tribunal
  • Employment Appeals Tribunal
  • Labour Court and Labour Relations Commission
  • Compliance with the Employment Acts
  • Training and support in industrial relations for Management and Front line personnel